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First Feature:  Bentley Motors

AzureContinental Flying SpurContinental GTC

Azure                                            Continental Flying Spur                      Continental GTC


That’s right, that’s yours truly on the streets of downtown Detroit next to a Bentley.  Is it mine?  Only if I just robbed the U.S. mint.  A brand new Bentley will set you back several hundred thousand bucks.  I could pay my mortgage or buy the Bentley.  If I buy the Bentley it better have a stove, a refrigerator and a place to hide from the kids.


So now you’re probably wondering why on earth anyone would spend that kind of money on a car.  Bentley cars are as powerful as they are luxurious.  To begin with, with a zero to 60 mile per hour time of 5.6 seconds, the Bentley Azure would probably be halfway to the grocery store before your little sedan gets out of the driveway.  And, the drive would be so smooth, you’d probably want to keep on going when you got there. 


The natural wood veneers used extensively throughout the interior of the Bentley are quite elegant, having been prepared with five coats of lacquer and three days of curing time before being wax polished by hand.  The hand stitched leather seats are gorgeous and as soft as a baby’s behind.  Even if I couldn’t get the Bentley, I’d sure love to have some of these seats for my film room.


Fun Fact:  With a curb weight of nearly six thousand pounds, the Bentley Azure weighs more than a big Cadillac Escalade. 


AzureCADILLAC Escalade

But really, the main reason you buy a Bentley is so you can watch jaws drop and heads turn as you drive down the street.  Just remember, when you go to fill up, you won’t be putting that cheap gas in the tank.


Super Specs:  Bentley Azure

Price:             $ 329,990

Zero to 60:     5.6 seconds

Top Speed:     171 mph

Mileage -       City:  11.7 mpg;  Highway:  20.3 mpg






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