Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Carl Hardin has been doing comedy since 1989. As the world's only honors MBA comedian, Carl views life from a business perspective, i.e. he's tight with a dollar! Carl's comedic insights extend to cell phones, wave pools, airplanes, telemarketers, children, and other everyday challenges. Most recently, he's directed his focus toward every day stupidity, which he calls "Legally Stupid" (really stupid folks deserve the same honor as drunk folks).

Carl created and produced the Laugh Jam comedy tour featuring Chris Rock, Tommy Davidson, Tony Woods, Downtown Tony Brown, among others. He has also promoted shows featuring other well known acts, including Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Curry and Shawn Wayans. Investing every last dime in each show, Carl refers to these as his "On the edge of bankruptcy" tours.

In addition to starting this web site, Carl is the author of the Legally Stupid Laughs calendars.

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