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According to Business Week, Americans spend $41 billion dollars a year on our pets.  That’s right, billion with a ‘b’.  That’s a whole lot of Alpo.  My guess is that exceeds what we spend on tuition and books for our kids!  Junior can’t read, but Fluffy looks good in her mink slippers. Ha!


Being the investigator that I am, I realized that I have an obligation to find out what we’re getting in exchange for the billions of bucks we’re spending on our furry little friends.   I mean with that kind of outlay, our pets could be driving Beamers and Benzes.


This week’s entry into the pet product Hall of Fame is a doggy jogging suit.  That’s right.  No stroll through the park is complete without the proper attire.  This haute pet performance apparel can be picked up at Neiman Marcus for the fashion conscious canine.  For sixty five bucks you no longer have to be ashamed that Fido is strutting his stuff in the buff.  Now, how about some Nike’s?



Pretty or Not




Pretty or not, our pets are our best friends.    So, we’ll pay homage to all our pets, regardless whether they are pretty, or not.  You be the judge!



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