Comedy Spotlight: Michael Jackson




Comedy Spotlight: Michael Jackson

From one desert community to another; after spending time in Dubai, rumor has it that Michael “King of Pop” Jackson may be moon walking over to Nevada to star in a long running gig in Vegas. Whew! Move over Wayne Newton.

Michael has long been in the news for all kinds of foolishness, from hanging out with an ape to sleeping in with the kids. He burnt his hair shooting a Pepsi ad. Ouch. He had a son that he named Prince, that he dangled over a hotel balcony for all the world to freak out over. And, don’t get me started on the plastic surgery. No one knows what happened to Mike’s nose! The comedy world has had a field day over poor Michael. America has more Michael Jackson jokes than Saudi Arabia has oil wells. Here are a few highlights:

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Q: Why did Michael Jackson place a phone call to Boyz-2-Men?? A: He thought it was a delivery service.

Q: How do you know when it's bedtime at the Jackson residence? A: When the big hand touches the little hand...

"Yesterday an arrest warrant was issued for Michael Jackson and today by mistake cops picked up Diana Ross." —Jay Leno

Q: What did Elvis say after seeing Michael and Lisa Marie on television? A: "Boy, that's a relief. I though she married a black guy!"

"Good news for Michael Jackson, not guilty on ten counts! The bad news -- he's going to Disneyland!" --Jay Leno

"Michael Jackson turned himself into authorities today and now the court may take away his kids. Don't worry, Michael's working on a deal where he can dangle them on the weekends." —Craig Kilborn



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