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STARRING:  Benjamin Burtt, Jeff Garlin, Elissa Knight, Fred Willard, John Ratzenberger

RUNTIME:  1 Hour 37 minutes


Is this ET meets R2-D2, or what? WALL-E is a cute animated adventure that is taking America by storm, toping the box office with over $62 million in receipts in it's opening weekend.

WALL-E is the story of a robot, named Wall-E (brilliant!), that was left on Earth after all the humans abandon the planet. So, for seven centuries Wall-E maintains a garbage dump, cleaning up the mess we humans left behind. Well, after 700 years, even a robot can get a little lonely. It's kind of like Will Smith in I am Legend without the dog to talk to.

It's rated G, so you can take the whole fandamily!


C. Hardin



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