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News Briefs: Chris Brown vs Rihanna

Posted on March 8, 2009 by Carl Hardin


Reunited and it feels so good? I don’t think so. Have you been looking for R&B singer Chris Brown’s latest hits? Check with Rihanna. All kidding aside, if I were Rihanna’s dad, I’d introduce Chris to a can of whoop-ass!

Brown was arrested in February, in what is believed to be an alleged case of domestic abuse against his girlfriend, popular singer Rihanna. Two felony charges were recently filed against Brown.

According to detectives, Brown lost it after Rihanna checked his cell phone and found a message from another female. Brown pulled his car over and attempted to push Rihanna out, while she still had her seatbelt on. Realizing that that wasn’t going to work, he then pushed her head into the window, and started punching her and driving. At one point, Brown went Tyson on her, biting her ear in a manner that only Evander Holyfield could appreciate. He then choked her until she almost lost consciousness.

This disturbingly brutal assault makes one wonder how these two could seriously be considering reconciling, which they are reportedly doing. Are they looking to do a round 2 pay-per-view WWE cage match? As Oprah put it, “love doesn’t hurt”. Time for both to move on.

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Other News
R. Kelly Goes Free!



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