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Blog 9: Apple iPad Mania Madness

Posted on April 4, 2010 by Carl Hardin

The iPad is coming? No. The iPad is here, and life will never be the same. Well, maybe that's a stretch, but for many Apple enthusiasts, the iPad is the must-have gadget of the year. So much so, that they lined up yesterday waiting to buy them, some for hours, to the tune of more than 600,000 units sold in the first day on the market.


A magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price says Apple about it's iPad. What's so magical and revolutionary? It's like an iPod touch on steroids. Instead of watching movies on a tiny 3.5 inch screen, you have a robust 9.7 inch screen, and with 10 hours of battery life it could really make long trips a pleasure. But, that 9.7 inch screen will never fit in your pocket. Ah, the trade offs one must make.


Marvel iPad AppThe larger screen gives application designers much more space to work with. The result, more amazing products than currently available on the iPod touch or iPhone, like the Marvel Comics App for iPad that launches with more than 500 classic Marvel comic books. You can also use the more than 150,000 applications currently available on the smaller sibling devices.

There is no integrated video camera, so you can forget about video chats. But, there's an available keyboard dock that allows you to do real typing.


What's so unbelievable about the price? Well, they start at $499, which is cheap for Apple products when you consider that the Macbook starts at $999. But, it's twice the price of the $199 iPod touch. The idea, however, appears to be that this is the device that takes all those iPod owners to the next level. It's the iPod all grown up!


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