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Carl Carl Soul

Soul Men


STARRING:Bernie Mac, Samuel L. Jackson, Isaac Hayes, Sharon Leal, Affion Crockett, P. J. Byrne

RUNTIME:1 hour 43 minutes

RATING: Not Yet Rated

RELEASE DATE: November 7, 2008


Although heís no longer physically with us, the legacy of Bernie Mac lives on with the soon to be released motion picture Soul Men in which he stars with Samuel L. Jackson. The movie also features the late Isaac Hayes, who passed just a few days after Macís passing.

Soul Men is the story of Louis Hinds (Samuel L. Jackson) and Floyd Henderson (Bernie Mac), the two remaining members of what was a popular singing group, The Real Deal, who went their separate ways 20 years ago and never spoke again. When the death of their former group leader (John Legend) reunites them and sends them on a wild and crazy trip driving across country for a tribute concert at the Apollo Theater, they will have only five days to bury the hatchet on a twenty-year-old grudge.

Itís tragic irony that Bernie and Isaac worked together on Soul Men. Iíll certainly be looking forward to seeing them one last time.


C. Hardin



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